Accurate football predictions for today

Today’s accurate football predictions

Table of content:

1.How achieves accurate football predictions for today

2. What we offer as

3.A sample of our recent performance

4.How to make money with our accurate football predictions for today

5.The most accurate soccer tips today, what exactly does that mean?

How achieves accurate football predictions for today

As we love football and our added pleasure is figuring out how to accurately predict the outcomes of football matches. We have invested in expertise and technologies that have enabled us to come up with predictive algorithms that have proved to be extremely accurate.

Our core strengths are in accurately predicting three way and over 1.5 football markets which we have managed to achieve a consistent accuracy of over 85%.

You may ask how we have managed to achieve such a success rate in the accurate football predictions for today? The answer to this is a bit complicated as there are numerous proprietary algorithms and technologies that we leverage but the simplified answer to this is that we leverage historical data, current events, recent football team performances and mathematical formulars to come up with the most probable outcomes (three way and over 1.5) of football matches.

Accurately predicting the outcome of football matches especially in the three way and over 1.5 markets is all about identifying football matches whose previous performances/historical data can provide clear trends of a regular pattern if the numbers for specific variables are within a predefined range. Football match outcomes are all about probability and the key factor to accurately predict a football match is determinate on clear data points that indicate a high probability of an outcome.

2. What we offer as

As we offer two main types of football predictions, three way (Home,Draw,Away) football predictions that have been achieving an over 85% level of accuracy and over 1.5 accurate football predictions that have an over 90% level of accuracy.

There are many other sorts of football predictions that we offer, including 3 way running bet predictions, daily single bets, 2.5 odds predictions and overs-unders predictions. Football predictions and betting recommendations are available for free at We strive to provide our visitors with the most accurate predictions possible. On this site, you’ll get reliable free accurate football predictions for today and paid bet slips that guarantee a profit.

2.1 Soccer predictions with high accuracy

In order to increase your football betting bankroll, provides access to precise football predictions. So that you, as a user, can make an informed decision and understand the risk associated in betting on the supplied advice, we make sure to provide accurate and required information. A wide range of reliable and accurate soccer predictions are available on this site. Because of our unique user design, our consumers are able to get online sports predictions with ease, whether on desktop and mobile devices. When looking for a site that accurately predicts football matches, you have come to the perfect is today’s most accurate soccer prediction site!

Prediction Site is the world’s leading prediction site. There are a number of football leagues in the world covered by our football predictions, including the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga as well as the German Bundesliga and the French Ligue One. We also cover the Norwegian Eliteserien and the Scottish Premiership as well as the Saudi Professional League, the Swiss Super League, the Belgian Pro League, and many more. The platform that provides accurate football match predictions is free to join today.

3.A sample of our recent performance

The proof is always in the pudding and the below sampled results illustrate the accuracy of our free daily soccer predictions. Our platform runs on multiple automated algorithms that leverage artificial intelligence technologies to review over three thousand football matches from over five hundred national leagues every week to select the few games whose outcomes we can accurately predict and in turn provide our customers with profitable football tips.

4.How to make money with our accurate football predictions for today

The essence of betting on football matches is to make a profit and that is the mission that drives us, to provide accurate and profitable football predictions to our customers that will enable them profit from football betting. The few games that you can identify whose outcomes you can accurately predict and that have high odds the most likely you are to profit from sports betting.

As we work to identify two or three games a day whose outcomes we are confident about and that offer between 1.35 odds and 1.5 odds which when combined into a three game multiple will offer over 2.5 odds. Realistically you may not be able to win bets daily but has formulated a product that only requires a minimum of four wins a week for our customers to make a profit. That is a 57% win rate and you still end up profitable. Can you compare that to your current performance?


5.The most accurate soccer tips today

What do we mean by the term “the most accurate soccer tips today”? Football or soccer tips in this case are only of value if they enable a punter to make a profit on a placed bet. If the “tip” does not go through then we consider it of no value.

The question now is if its possible to provide winning soccer tips on a daily basis? The honest answer to that is statistically it would improbable for one to accurately predict the outcome of one game everyday for 365 days and the reason for that is that upsets are extremely common in football/soccer.

What we believe is that you don’t need to accurately predict football matches everyday for you to be profitable in sports betting. The magic number is a winning rate of 58% meaning if you are placing the same number of odds everyday (preferably not no more than five games in a multibet, at least mix up two betting markets and do not exceed a total of 4 odds) you only need to win for 4 days in a week for you to be profitable.

Actually with net odds of above 3 odds (and obviously capped at 4 odds max) you can afford to only win three times a week for you to be profitable. You don’t believe me, let us do the math.

So fortunately if you are a punter and are searching for the best football prediction site of the yearaccurate football prediction websitesite that predict football matches correctlytop soccer prediction sitesbest football prediction site in the world, accurate soccer prediction sitesbest prediction siteaccurate football predictions for free , accurate football predictionbest prediction site freesoccer prediction sitebest football prediction sitefootball predictionaccurate prediction sitesaccurate football prediction sitesbest prediction site in the worldbet genuineaccurate soccer predictionbest soccer prediction sitegenuine prediction, is your preferred option

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