The best site for soccer predictions for today

How to identify the right website for your daily soccer predictions for today

Table of content:

1.Why its preferable to bet on soccer predictions for today

2.What to look for when sourcing for the right website for daily soccer predictions for today

3.What to expect from the right soccer prediction for today website

Football or as the Americans call it Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world if not the most popular and as such its one of the most popular sports events to place a bet on.

Why bet on soccer events

Soccer being on of the most popular sports in the world, bookmakers offer a wide array of games to bet on and in turn offer extensive betting markets that punters can take advantage of. At we specialize in offering soccer predictions for today on the three way and over 1.5 betting markets.

Three way betting markets:

The three way betting market simply offers punters the option of betting on a home win, a draw and an away win. Despite the fact that the probability of each of these three options is 33% as compared to 50% for overs and unders markets, we have been able to build proprietary algorithms that review over three thousand football matches played in a week across over five hundred national leagues to identify games that have clear indicators on the probable outcome of the match ups.

This process has enabled us to increase the predictive probabilities from 33% to over 85% and this is evident with our performance as illustrated below on the recent sampled predictions.

We find it easier to identify high probability three way predictions for soccer games due to the fact that there are large amounts of historical data on football matches. Our inhouse developed algorithms are able to evaluate hundreds of data points on a single team to come up with the most probable three way outcome. With data points such as team form and scoring averages we are able to accurate identify soccer matches that have clear indicators on the most probable outcomes.

On average our three way soccer predictions for today have odds between 1.3 and 1.6 which makes them highly profitable.

What to look for when sourcing for the right website for daily soccer predictions for today

You have found yourself scouring the wild wide web looking for a reliable source of soccer predictions for today, what exactly should you look for? I think that is a common conundrum for all punters and the answer to this is not always easy.

Being a leader in the soccer prediction industry provides accurate, consistent and reliable football predictions that have been curated to provide a profitable return of investment.

The proof is definitely in the pudding and as such we welcome you to judge our service offering for yourself by using the scoring process below:

Is the website layout easy to navigate
Does the website provide consistant winning predictions (atleast 4 winning days in a week)
Does the website provide historical performance for over 30 days
Does the website change its predictions after games have been played
Does the website offer predictions with worth while odds
Does the website offer easy to place bet slips
Does the website offer multiple channesl to get intouch with them incase of any challenges

The above is a very basic scoring card but it should aid you in identifying a worth while soccer prediction website that may provide you with winning soccer predictions for today. As we tick all these boxes and we continue to work on optimizing our website for the best user experience possible for our customers.

What to expect from the right soccer prediction for today website

Winning predictions:

The first obvious thing to expect from the right soccer prediction for today website is winning predictions. Its as simple as that. As they say the proof is always in the pudding and the right prediction website should be able to demonstrate their capability the key basic aspect which is winning predictions.


Consistency is another aspect that is critical for reliable soccer prediction website. Consistency definitely does not mean that you should have an expectation of the website providing winning predictions on a daily basis, what this means is that the website should have more winning soccer predictions than loosing soccer prediction preferably at a ration of 4 to 7 meaning the bet slip provided should win at a minimum of 4 days in a week.

The reason for this is that if a prediction website offers a bet slip with 2.0 odds on a daily basis and these bet slips win 4 days of the week, a punter is guaranteed a profit if they staked the same amount on all days. In short with this type of consistency you will be able to be profitable in football betting.

Realistic multibets or bet slips:

The laws of probability stipulate that the more events you place a bet on the lower your probability of accurately predicting the correct combination of outcomes and the less events you place a bet on the higher your probability of accurately predicting the correct combination of outcomes.

As we provide 2.0 to 3.0 odd multibets that have not more than three games. We have tried and tested this ratio of games and we have found that this is the right number of games based on our algorithms to achieve consistent wins.

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