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1.What do we mean by sure win prediction for today

2.What we offer as

What do we mean by sure win prediction for today

The word sure win in the football prediction industry is synonymous with con artists and peddlers of  “fixed matches schemes”. When we say sure win prediction for today we mean football predictions that have been curated through the leveraging years of experience in the football prediction industry and technology through artificial intelligence technology to increase their probability of a win to over 90%.

What we offer as

Being profitable in football betting is about consistent wins or rather winning on more days of the week that you loose and stake has been developing algorithms that automatically review various data points for over three thousand football matches per week to identify those football matches whose outcomes are easily predictable.

Through this we have been able to achieve an over 90% accuracy level on three way and over 1.5 football betting markets. This has in turn enabled us to provide our customers with the capability of making consistent profits in football betting.

The main weak link in betting on football matches is betting on multibets (have more than one football match on your bet slip) and the reason for this based on the betting markets you have selected is that the more the games on your bet slip the more you reduce your probability of winning.

At we have established that you only need two or three football matches on your bet slips that offer 2.0 odds to 3.0 odds a day to make you extremely profitable and our premium daily bet slips are designed to offer you highly accurate multibets with a low number of matches to ensure that you win more bets that you loose.

Our premium bet slips offer a guaranteed return of investment of over 200% per week meaning you are always doubling your weekly stake. The trick is to effectively manage your stake to ensure that you are always able to stake on the bet slips offered.

The secret source on some of the data we consider for our algorithms

Football is one of the most beloved, if not the most beloved sport in the world and as you would expect with such a popular sport is that there are thousands of websites on the internet that claim to offer sure, fixed, guaranteed football predictions.

My fellow punters, there is no such thing as a sure bet but we as bingpredict come pretty close through the use of statistics and the science of probability.

Creating sure win football predictions using statistics and the science of probability:

The flip of a coin, can you accurately predict whether a coin flip will be heads or tails for a single attempt? Can you do it accurately for ten or one hundred attempts? The answer to this question is yes you can if you understand the factors that contribute which side of the coin it will fall on.

For a coin flip the probability of heads or tails is fifty percent for a single attempt but the more attempts you string on the lower your probability of consistently predicting the outcome of a flip. The morale of the story here is that single bets as a professional punter/gambler are worth more than multibets.

Its not to say that multibets are bad, the rule of thumb on multibets is to keep them as lean as possible and to combine at least two betting markets on a single multibet. rules of thumb for multibet sure win predictions:

  • We love three ways and over 1.5 betting markets and as such we stick to these two markets that we have extensively analyzed and figured out what to watch out for in order for us to be able to establish accurate football predictions
  • We love to keep our bets as lean as possible which means a maximum of five games in a day with an even split on betting markets if possible i.e three straight win bets and two over 1.5 bets
  • Less is more when it comes to number of games placed and odds. The less the number of games the more likely you are to win if you have a solid analysis process

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