100 sure football predictions

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1.Who is bingpredict.com

2.What do we offer our customers

Introducing bingpredict.com

Bingpredict.com is the leading football prediction website in the world that offers three way betting market tips with an accuracy level of over 90%.We have leveraged our vast years of experience and technology to come up with automated algorithms based on tried and tested logics.

Our automated systems review on average of 3000 games a week referencing our inhouse developed logic based filters to identify football matches whose outcomes are easily predictable. Football betting is not about betting on any match, its about identifying the right matches to bet on and through our artificial intelligence infrastructure we are able to provide our customers with 100 sure football predictions.

What we offer our customers

We provide two forms of 100 sure football predictions, free daily football predictions that have a success rate of over 85% and premium bet slips that have a success rate of over 90%.With our premium bet slips our customers are guaranteed weekly profits especially those who leverage our stake management advise.

With a weekly ROI of over 200% for our customers we have proven that betting on football matches can be profitable if one uses a risk management strategy that leverages AI technology to provide football matches whose outcomes can be accurately predicted. We endeavor to provide the most accurate football predictions that are mathematically possible.

Its as easy as visiting bingpredict.com and access the free daily 100 sure football predictions or going a step further in turning the tables for the bookmaker by subscribing to our premium bet slip service which ensures that you begin profiting from football betting rather than always enriching the bookmaker.