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Can you really make money betting on football matches

Table of content:

1.What is football betting

2.What is a sure tip for today or sure bet for today?

3.How to make money from betting on football matches

What is football betting?

Football betting is the act of placing a wager or a bet on the possible outcome of a football match. In football betting there are two main propionates, the book maker who creates the odds or probabilities of certain outcomes in a football match and attaches a value to that odd and the punter or bettor who places a wager based on the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Odds are determined by a bookmaker and indicate the ratio of the stake to the potential profit on a certain outcome, should you choose to wager on it. They are often expressed as fractions (e.g., 2/1), but can occasionally be expressed as decimals (e.g., 2.00), and you can choose whatever representation you want.

Some football betting terms:

Stake – This is the amount of money you wager on a game, or the amount of money you risk losing if you lose.

Accumulator or multibet- A football accumulator or a multibet is a collection of single bets; if each bet pays off, the odds accrue. Typically, when you hear about someone betting five dollars on something and winning a couple of thousand, it is due to accumulators. Because each wager must win, they might be hazardous.

Handicap – This is a wager that is given when one team is clearly the favorite,think of Germany vs Djibouti. The handicap provides the underdog a little advantage. For instance, the underdog may be granted a one-goal advantage.

Half Time/Full Time — This is a two-part wager in which you predict the victor of the first half and then the game as a whole. Thus, you may forecast a tie at halftime but a victory for the home team at full time.

Over/Under – Overs and Unders are wagers on the number of goals scored, often over or under a certain number, for example, over 2.5 indicates there are three or more goals. Under 2.5 would imply the scoring of zero, one, or two goals.

Draw No Bet -This implies that if the result is a draw, you will receive a refund for your wager. While this may appear to be a safer alternative, you should keep in mind that the odds are often lower when this is chosen.

Double Chance – A Double Chance wager is one in which you select a winner and if they win OR the game ends in a tie, you win. If the team you selected loses, you forfeit the wager. As with DNB, the odds are typically lower, but this makes it a safer wager.

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What is a sure tip for today or a sure bet for today?

This is a term coined by the football prediction industry that insinuates a bet or a prediction that is guaranteed to win. Realistically this is not feasible as football although has predictable aspects is still statistically considered as an event that has random outcomes.

As bingpredict we don’t believe in sure tips or sure bets but we have proven over and over that with the right algorithms and enough historical data you can come up with predictive models that have a high accuracy rate. Let me sample some of our previous free predictions as an example.

As evident by the images shared from our free prediction offerings our strategy which has been developed over years of experimentation and testing can provide sure tips by simply providing consistently accurate three-way football predictions. When we say sure tips for today this is what we mean, football predictions that increase the probability of a win for our customers.

It is possible to have “sure tips for today” if one develops an effective algorithm that references hundreds of historical data points to come up with trends and correlations that provide a high probability forecast of the possible outcomes of a football match. Definitely the probability of success is determined by the betting market (over 1.5,GG,Threeway etc) and the consequential if the historical data available can be used to create a predictive model that has some semblance of success.

3.How to make money from betting on football matches

Obviously the first thing that you need to do is to identify a reliable platform that provides consistent and accurate football predictions for your preferred betting has specialized in three way football predictions and we are a reliable reference point for those punters who are inclined to place three way bets.

Here are three tips on how to make money from betting on football matches:

a)Less is more

Most punters are always tempted to target a large windfall by creating high odd accumulators consisting of multiple games so as to multiply their small wager a multiple of tens of times. The reality is that the more games you add in a multiple the lower your probability of a win. Let us do some quick math to illustrate this point.

For a three way prediction meaning a home win, draw or away win you have a 33% or a 1 in 3 chance of success.If you create a two game multiple with three way predictions your probability of a win reduces to an 11% or a 1 in 9 chance of success. If you add an additional game to make it a three game multiple the chances of success statistically diminish to a 1 in 27 chance and so on.

Definitely there are ways around this like our predictive models that increase our chances of success for a threeway win to 85% for one game,78% chance for two game multiple and up to 60% chance for a six game multiple but our recommendation is to always have as well a game as possible on your bets.

If you win 2 odds 70% of the time meaning 5 days out of 7 in the week you are already profitable and with our premium predictions it is extremely easy to identify two ”sure tips daily” with an average odd of 1.45 which when combined provides you with above 2 odds.

Number of threeway game predictions on a bet slipProbability of a winProbability of a loss

b)Stake like your going to loose

This is all about bankroll management. The name of the game is survival until lady luck knocks on your door and as such you need to allocate stake for every bet as if you are going to loose. An example is that if you have KES 1000 or USD 10 we would recommend that you split it into equal portions that would enable you bet for 7 straight days. In such an instance you would only require a daily odd of 2.5 and a 57% success rate (4 winning days out of 7) for you to recoup your initial stake. If you raise your daily odds to 3.5 you would only require a success rate of 43% to recoup your initial stake.

If you can combine this methodology with the highly successful predictions provided by you would have a high probability of making profits in football betting.

c)Stick to your methodology

As punters our methodology or frequency of placing bets determines our survival in the game. We recommend that you place a singe bet a day if your daily targeted odds are below 3.5 and twice weekly if you are targeting odds larger than 5 on a single multibet.

Based on experience the single biggest mistake that will wipe your stake out as fast as you can say ”gone” is chasing a loss. This means placing additional bets in an effort to recoup the stake you lost on your first bet. You are the best judge of your own character and your strength to avoid temptations and as such you need to come up with a methodology that dictates what frequency of placing bets is feasible based on your float (total amount of money you can afford to loose in betting).

Football betting does not work as a get quick rich scheme for the majority of us and as such we should play it smart.

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