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How to identify an Accurate football prediction website

Our formula for identifying websites that offer accurate football predictions

Table of content:

  1. What is a football prediction website
  2. What differentiates football prediction websites
  3. The three factors that contribute to the accuracy of a football prediction website
  4. What makes the most accurate football prediction website
  5. Conclusion

What is a football prediction website:

A football prediction website is an online platform that provides football fans with suggestions or indicators on the possible outcomes of upcoming football matches.In this case when we say football we mean the game that involves eleven participants per team kicking around a round ball with the aim of placing it in a rectangular shaped goal post.

Football is one of the most if not the most popular sport in the world.It has fans and players in almost every country in the world.Due to this it is amongst the most popular sport to place a wager on the possible outcomes of matches.Football prediction websites are a byproduct of sports betting and their popularity has skyrocketed concurrently with the growth of the football betting industry.

The global sports betting industry is estimated to be worth over Five hundred billion dollars with two billion people placing at least one bet a month.That means that there over two billion people in the world that are regularly looking for information,statistics and data on upcoming football matches that would give them an edge over the bookmakers.

This is where the football prediction websites or platforms come in.Most of the legitimate prediction websites usually develop an inhouse data analysis process that they hope would enable them to accurately predict the most probable outcome of a football match.They then provide these predictions to punters either for free or at a premium

2.What differentiates football prediction websites

There are many factors that would differentiate football prediction website.Highlighted below are probably the three most common factors:

  • The markets they specialize in
  • The regions they serve
  • The leagues or competitions they provide predictions for

The markets they specialize in:

This is simply the betting market that they provide predictions for.Betting markets are possible outcomes of a possible football match for which a bookmaker has provided odds for you to wager on.An example of betting markets are over 1.5 goals,home win,away win,draw,both teams to score,correct score and so on.

The specialization in providing predictions for certain betting markets by football prediction websites can be attributed to their prediction algorithms or models.If you have figured out how to accurately predict over 1.5 goals,it only makes sense that you use this market to attract visitors to your site.

It is common to find betting markets specializations within the football prediction websites.An example of this is us as bingpredict.We have specialized in the provision of three way football predictions.The reason for this is simply that we have perfected our in house algorithm that has provided a consistent success rate of eighty five percent.

The regions they serve :

In football betting there are different pallets for different regions and this means that you will find football prediction websites that serve niche markets.An example of this is the UK,arbitrage betting is very popular in the UK and there are many arbitrage bookmakers.As such you will find that the popular football prediction sites in the UK offer these types of predictions or arbitrage combinations.

Correct scores are very popular in Nigeria and there are prediction sites that have a preference for providing these types of predictions due to the fact that they have a ready audience in some of the west african countries.

The leagues or competitions they provide predictions for:

Not all football prediction websites are created equal.There are one hundred and ninety five countries and each of these countries has at least football leagues for each gender which means as an estimate there are over seven hundred national football leagues in the world.Bookmakers probably provide events for half of these leagues.

Most football prediction websites will not provide predictions for all national leagues.This may be attributed to availability of data for those leagues and teams or they may have identified leagues that work well with their analysis models.

3.The three factors that contribute to the accuracy of a football prediction website

There are three main factors that contribute to the accuracy of a football prediction website.

  • Source of their data
  • Efficiency of their analysis methodology
  • Target betting market

Source of their data:

Most football prediction websites are dependent on third party data/statistics providers.All  predictive models be it for predicting stocks,forex or the weather require large data sets to be able to identify trends.

Football is no exception to this and the cleaner the data the better chance the predictive model has of identifying accurate trends and predicting possible future outcomes.If a football prediction website is able to attain clean data then it is up to their predictive models to come up with accurate predictions.

Efficiency of their analysis methodology:

The analysis methodology is the heart of any prediction based business irrespective of which industry they play in.

According to,”predictive modeling, also called predictive analytics, is a mathematical process that seeks to predict future events or outcomes by analyzing patterns that are likely to forecast future results. The goal of predictive modeling is to answer this question: “Based on known past behavior, what is most likely to happen in the future?”

Football falls under the category of random events that have had historical trends that one can leverage to try and predict the most probable outcome of the event.The trick is knowing which data points are relevant and have the most weight when it comes to creating trends.

Below is a video sampled from’s youtube channel that can shade more light on what predictive models are

What is Predictive Modeling and How Does it Work?

Below is an image that illustrates the complexity of correlating multiple data points to come up with predictions of possible outcomes for events.

Sampled from

Target betting Market:

Betting markets are possible outcomes of a possible football match for which a bookmaker has provided odds for you to wager on.Each market has its correlated possible outcomes.For example if we take the market over 1.5 goals,there are only two possible outcomes for this market i.e either the football match will end with less than 1.5 goals or more than 1.5 goals.

We can use the below table to illustrate this.


So either the football match will end with over 1.5 goals or under 1.5 goals as the set parameter is 1.5 goals.For such a market the probability for the two possible outcomes is 50%

We can compare this with three way football predictions which have three possible outcomes i.e Home win,Draw,Away win.For this market the probable outcomes are three meaning the probability for each outcome is 33%.One thing to note is that despite the fact that the over 1.5 market has a 50% probability split does not mean that it is the easier market to predict.

The driving factor for how accurately you can correctly predict the outcome of a football match based on a certain market is the data points available that can be used in your algorithm to create correlations and trends that would provide definitive indicators on what the most probable outcome is.

4.What makes the most accurate football prediction website

This is a very valid question especially for punters who are looking for a reliable and accurate football prediction website.

Years of experience:

The team that is responsible for coming up with the predictive models and algorithms within comprises team members who have on average over 7 years of expertise in analysing football data to come up with the most probable outcomes of a match.

Data analytics is the cornerstone of a good predictive algorithm and we have the best of the best when it comes to making sense of raw historical football data that spans years.An additional benefit is that we depend on the same system that curates the predictions to come up with our own bet slips and such we continuously work to improve our algorithms by leveraging our experience.

Continuous improvement:

We believe that we are in a continuous battle for perfection that necessitates continuous improvement. Inorder to be the best and most accurate football prediction website we continuously work to improve our algorithms.continuous improvement means ensuring that resource clean data, learn from previous eras and make adjustments to our predictive algorithm.  

Advancements in technology:

As we ensure that we invest in advancements in technology.Predicting football outcomes accurately necessitates that you  combine the right technology with the right data Analytics process. Our biggest advantage is that we leverage technology to increase efficiencies in our predictive algorithms.


Despite the fact that there are thousands of football prediction websites in the world it is prudent for you to take the time to identify the one that will provide consistency and profitability. We believe that our track record proves that we are the most accurate football prediction website and a worthy investment for all our customers

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