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The common question that is in the mind of all punters is whether you can come up with a methodology that provides some level of guarantee when it comes to football tips bet. Can you really beat the bookies in their own game and profit from football tips bet? Can you really find a football prediction site that offers reliable and consistent predictions that increase your chances of make a profit from placing bets on football matches?

The short answer to all the above is yes but lets take the long answer root and break these queries down.

Can you really beat the bookies in their own game and profit from football tips bet?

Bookmakers profit by accepting wagers on a market and pricing them in a way that distorts the real likelihood of the outcomes. This gap provides them with a competitive advantage over bettors. A coin toss is an excellent technique to illustrate how bookies come up with odds for certain events. The likelihood of a coin landing on either sides is 50%, which means that the odds on both sides should be set at 2.0/2.0.You wager one dollar in order to win two dollars where one dollar is the stake and the other dollar is your profit making this a one-hundred percent market.

The trick in situation or this type of market for such an event is figuring out how to correctly predict the outcome of the coin toss in at least fifty one percent of the attempts. A hundred attempts of independent coin tosses accounts for one hundred dollars as stake and a possible a hundred dollar in profits. In order to win back your stake and have zero losses you will need to win fifty percent of the tosses and any tosses won above the first fifty attempts are considered a profit. I know math is not a favorite for most but these will help you make some money so bear with us.

BETPercentage of winsYour stakeYour possible winnings

One coin toss has two possible outcomes meaning you have a 1/2 chance of winning that bet which makes the odds 2.0.There are two sides to a bet meaning if you stake one dollar on the bet in this case the bookie has also placed one dollar in the bet be it not actual cash.

If you win the bet you get your one dollar back and also win the one dollar from the bookie as the money pool for the bet was two dollars. If you loose the bet its vice versa where you loose your one dollar and the bookie gains a dollar.

With the randomness of a coin toss how would you possibly be able to predict the correct outcomes fifty one percent of the times or more? The answer is simply crunching the historical data of the previous tosses that people have made in the past. Remember we are not looking to win all the coin tosses, we are targeting to first recover our stake which requires winning fifty percent of the tosses and second to exceed this bear minimum in order to make a profit.

By crunching the historical data we mean evaluating over a thousand previous coin toss outcomes to figure out if we can identify a trend. Probability is that more than half of the coin tosses end up as heads as it is improbable that the outcomes split down the middle i.e. fifty percent of the tosses are head and fifty percent of the tosses are tails. Once a trend has been established for similar events that involve the same coin we can then base our bet placing strategy on this fact.

If more than half of the coin tosses undertaken with the same coin over a period of six months end up as heads then it is safe to assume that if we base our football tips bet strategy on selecting heads we have a high chance of firstly recovering our initial stake and possibly make a profit.

The other factor that we need to consider is how many coin toss events we can comfortably bet on based on our float. Float is the amount of money a bettor is willing to wager on over a certain period of time or in a certain number of events. If our float allows us to bet on the first one hundred coin tosses then we need to evaluate the average outcomes for every one hundred toss events.

Can you really find a football prediction site that offers reliable and consistent predictions that increase your chances of make a profit from placing bets on football matches?

As you can see we have some idea of how to come up with an effective and profitable football tips bet strategy that guarantees profits in football has developed an inhouse football prediction algorithm that automatically evaluates hundreds of data points of historical football data to identify trends and correlations.This has enabled us to accurately predicting the outcomes of football matches.

As evident of this we welcome you to review the outcome of our previous football predictions which you can access on our homepage.

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