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1.What makes us unique when it comes to football tips bet

2.How can you profit from our football tips bet

What makes unique when it comes to football tips bet

In any profession, years of experience contributes greatly to an individuals or an organizations expertise. The team has over twenty combined experience in football match analysis. Sometimes analyzing football matches as you search for that sure football tips bet is a bit daunting.

Bingpredict has been working tirelessly to automate our football analysis process to increase selection efficiency and eliminate the common cause of why most bets fail, selection bias. Selection bias is when you give Barcelona the win cause of their historical performance irrespective of their current season form. Automation of this process through artificial intelligence eliminates these biases which greatly improves selection efficiency for football tips bet.

Our continuous efforts have yielded positive results in the form of 90% consistent wins on our daily three way football predictions. Our historical performance can be viewed on our homepage at Sample historical results are included below:

How can you profit from our football tips bet

There is no need to bet on football if you are not making profits, you would rather do something more constructive with that money or donate to charity. The biggest challenge facing many punters is that they don’t look at sports betting as a business or an invest that should be geared towards making profits.

Here are some rules of thumb that we have learnt through our years of experience that are critical if you want to make profits through sports betting especially when placing bets on football matches

Less is more

Its simple, less is more. There are those who get lucky with large running bets but the reality is that for the rest of us 99% you drastically reduce your probability of winning multibets /running bets/parlays the more matches you add onto the bet slip.

Regular profits are easier achieved when you place single bets or multibets with not more than three games. A punter needs to look at odds as percentages on return on investment. A single three way prediction that offers 1.5 odds technically means that you will probably make a 35% return on your investment (less taxes) for an event that lasts not more than 100 minutes. Those are astronomical returns especially if you can maintain a 90% and above positive result consistency.

Markets make the man

A jack of all trades profits from none. The only sure way of making profits from betting on football matches is mastering a maximum of two betting markets. A punter needs to invest time to learn the dynamics that would aid them accurately identify possible betting markets that are favorable to them.

At, we specialize on three way and over 1.5 goals betting markets and we choose to specialize on this betting markets by undertaking extensive research and experimentation to enable us clear understand the dynamics that dictate high probability outcomes of this markets in select football matches.

Stake management is your life raft

Its always about strategy and luck. Research and analysis will aid you with your strategy and efficiency managing your stake will extend your luck. Stake management is one of the most critical if not the most critical part of a punter’s betting strategy. Its not about one big win (short of a jackpot how much can you really win on a single bet to make you quit your day job) its about small consistent wins that will aid you achieve two key things:

-Grow your bankroll to enable you bet more and win more

-Outlast the bad luck when the slump comes which comes to all.

As illustrated above, with effective stake management, minimal odds and an average win rate of 57% a punter is able to grow their bankroll by 39% in one week. This is an extremely achievable betting strategy especially when using premium bet slips that offer between 2.5 odds and 3.0 odds per day.

We currently achieve over 80% win rate with our premium bet slips meaning it almost guaranteed that you will be doubling your stake week on week. Ask yourself which other investment engine will enable you grow your investment by 100% in a week.

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