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The common denominator for most human beings is always searching for opportunities to earn an income or an extra income. Football betting is an extremely popular income generation option that many people gravitate towards. Accurate football predictions go hand in hand with football betting in that most punters are looking for a reliable source of accurate football predictions or are coming up with their own methodology for accurately predicting football matches in an effort to beat the bookies and make a profit from their bets

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What are football predictions?

A football prediction is a forecast on the possible outcome of a football match or football event. Football predictions come in many variations as there are numerous possible outcomes of a single football event. The various considerations of a football event or match outcome are:

  • Total number of goals scored in a football match
  • The football matches scoreline
  • Did both teams score a goal or not?
  • Was there a red card?
  • How many fouls were there in the match?
  • How many corners were there in the match?
  • Did a certain player score a goal?

and so on.

How does one come up with highly accurate football predictions?

We are going to answer this question in bingpredict’s perspective and how we come up with our own football predictions. The most critical aspect about football predictions are their accuracy and bingpredict has put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that we come up with a formula that achieves a high rate of success.

Find below a sample of some of our football predictions:

The first step of coming up with an effective football prediction strategy is identifying what betting market to work with. Each football match event is subdivided into a number of betting markets which are focused on a different aspect of the event, such who will win the match which is considered a three way market or how many goals will be scored which can either fall into the overs and unders market or the correct score market.

Depending on the bookmaker and the perceived importance of the event, a single football match may have over 100 distinct betting markets available. All of these betting markets have one thing in common: they are designed to provide bettors with odds on the various event outcomes covered in the market. Mega Jackpot Prediction

All of these betting markets have one thing in common: they are designed to provide bettors with odds on the various event outcomes covered in the market. The punter is then presented with the opportunity to wager on one or more of the potential outcomes. This is usually referred to as ‘price’ (or odds) on the particular option they are considering.

Once you have identified your preferred betting market you then need to figure out what aspects of previous matches can work as indicators of the probability of the possible outcomes of the match related to the betting market chosen. Okay so we have lost you there, no problem lets slow it down. mega jackpot prediction

An example:

I have chosen my betting market as over 1.5 goals, so what do I need to be keen about when it comes to previous matches of teams that would give me an idea on whether their future matches will have two goals or more. I can look at the historical data of a team and how often they score versus how often they concede goals and the same would go for their opponents.

If both of the teams in a match have a history of scoring a lot while conceding a lot then it might be an indicator that the match would possibly be high scoring. I even delve in further and check historical data of the average goals scored when these teams met in the past to firm up my strategy.

The second step is all about odds. Odds are determined by a bookmaker and indicate the ratio of the stake to the potential profit on a certain outcome, should you choose to wager on it. They are often expressed as decimals (e.g.2.0), but can occasionally be expressed as fractions especial in the American and UK markets (e.g.2/1), and you can choose whatever representation you want. For instance, if the outcome of an event has odds of 2/1 (or 2.00), this indicates that for every $1 wagered, you will earn $2.

The odds offered for your selected betting market sometimes can be an additional indicator on how likely is your predicted outcome of the selected event. Bookmakers will always invest more resources and man power as compared to punters in an effort to accurately predict the possible outcome of a football match and price it accordingly for their benefit.

A football match where possibility of an over 1.5 goals outcome is priced at 1.5 odds is more likely to occur than one priced by the bookmaker at 3.0 odds if we are speaking on statistical probability. It would then be prudent to have an odds consideration in your prediction strategy.

The third step is consistently adjusting your prediction strategy based on your successes and your failures. It is always said that we should learn from our failures and the same holds true when it comes to football predictions. The best way to achieve this is to keep track of all your predictions and their outcomes and then come up with trends to indicate if your win trajectory is positive or negative.

If you get consistent wins that would indicate you are probably on the right direction but if you are loosing more than you are winning then that is a clear indication that you need to make adjustments. Looses can be awesome indicators of which direction you should adjust towards.

An example of this is, if you are coming up with an over 1.5 goals prediction strategy but the outcomes of your selected games are consistently under 1.5 that would be a clear indicator of what aspects in a football match should be considered when predicting under 1.5 goals and you can decide to change your preferred betting market to under 1.5 goals or adjust your strategy to be considering the opposite statistics or data that you were look at.

It is not easy to come up with an consistently accurate and profitable football prediction strategy as it takes time, resources and effort but it is definitely worth the investment when it comes. You can as well chose not to wait your time and subscribe to a service such as premium and take advantage of years of work already done. It does not really matter how you do it what really matters is being profitable when it comes to football betting.

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