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I have been a football enthusiast as well as an avid punter for years. I have always wondered if it is possible to create an accurate and reliable football prediction algorithm that is able to automatically evaluate historical data about teams and football matches to come up with a high probability prediction of the possible outcomes of a football match.

Football or soccer as the Americans call it is a sport whose historical data is easily accessible. Although it is a game of chance there are definitely opportunities in which you can create predictive models derived from various data points sourced from historical data.

For example, if Team A has a prolonged history of scoring two or more goals in every match over the last few seasons despite the fact that there have been changes in the team line up then it is feasible to predict that in the current season a majority of their games will have two goals or more and as such you can create a betting strategy that leverages this information.

Another example is that of a team’s performance against certain rivals. If Team A has played against Team B ten times over the last five seasons and has won seventy percent of those match ups despite the fact that both teams have had changes in their line up then it would be correct to assume that Team A has an above seventy percent chance of winning their next match up.

As evident by this article up to this point I am a fun of data analytics and statistical analysis and I believe that football predictions or more definitively accurate football predictions are feasible if one takes the time to crunch the numbers. To prove this point I have begun experimenting with predictive models through a website created mainly for providing free accurate football predictions. The website is offers free daily football predictions that are selected carefully through our backend algorithm that evaluates tens of data points looking for trends and correlations. These trends and correlations are what derive the highlighted predictions. With every failure we are able to evaluate what was missed and adjust either the correlations or include additional data points that would provide a high probability of predicting the right outcome.

There is definitely no such thing as a sure bet which is a term I believe has been greatly misused in the football prediction industry but I strongly believe through my experience of experimentation that it is possible to come up with a strategy or an algorithm that improves your chances of predicting the right outcome of a match.

The trick is to find the right market (by market I mean an option provided by a bookmaker that you can choose to bet on for example over 1.5 goals or both teams to score) whose outcome you can easily predict based on the data points that you consider.

As we solely consider the three way market. The  three way market is simply a prediction of whether a game will end with either of the teams winning or a draw. So far we have managed to optimize our predictive models to achieve an above seventy percent success rate consistently. Its definitely work in progress but the results thus far have given us some hope.

I am sure a major question or thought that you may have is that we are trying to come up with a get quick rich scheme and you might be right to some extent as money is common denominator for all human beings but I think our biggest driver is trying to prove that we can actually accomplish a fit that has been considered impossible by most.

We are essentially trying to create some order in a sport whose outcomes are as random as they can. I imagine if you will that you can come up with a predictive algorithm that has a high accuracy rate in predicting the weather. There are definitely commercial implications for this which can make you wealthy but I think the most important joy that can be derived from this is actually the day that you predict rain and it actually rains or predict a snow fall and it actually snows. Imagine that.

We are in the age of technology and big data. The opportunities are endless and the necessary tools to create these opportunities are beyond measure. I believe that we are extremely fortunate to be a part of this era and we should take advantage of it to set ”an achievable goals” as it were and let them consume us. The positive outcome of this would be what we all inherently chase, purpose.

As we have set ”an achievable goal” and so far it has been all consuming, heartbreaking, joyous, frustrating, elevating, depressing, jubilating and satisfying. Is it not what life is all about? I will always choose waking up everyday in order to chase an impossible dream rather than waking up everyday believing that my impossible dream is unattainable.

I welcome you to visit and follow our journey as we try to achieve the impossible.

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