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Five tips for selecting winning soccer predictions for today

Football or as the Americans call it soccer is one  of the most exciting if not the most exciting sport in the world.It offers everything that one would need in a sport  from a Clash of the Titans feel to ninety plus minutes of pure exhilarating competitiveness.

Many might look at football  as a simple sport but truth be told if it was just a simple sport it would not have as large a following as it does globally. There are one hundred and eighty six countries in the world and I would  challenge you to identify any country that does not have at least one football league.

At bingpredict We are football fanatics and this article will provide you with a guidance on how you can leverage our platform to identify high probability soccer predictions for today and possibly make a profit while waging on undoubtably the number one sport in the world.

 Table of contents:

1.Who is bingpredict? 

2.What does bingpredict offer its customers?

3.Five tips for selecting sure win tips on


2.Who is bingpredict:  is the number one football prediction website in the world. We specialise in providing accurate three way football predictions for over five National Was conceptualized and developed with the average punter in mind and was highly influenced by our experiences online while trying to identify a reliable football prediction website.

Most of those who work at bingpredict are definitely football fans and most often than  excited by the chance of beating the bookies.With that in mind we have taken great care in coming up with a platform that provides both is of use and practicability. profitability is the name of the game and it would not make sense in having a platform that does not provide our customers with  consistent profits.

3. What do we offer our customers:  has two sets of offerings,free soccer predictions for today and premium soccer predictions for today.Our free soccer predictions for today can be accessed on  our homepage daily absolutely free.We have  managed to maintain an over  70% success rate on our free soccer predictions. 

Our premium predictions have as well been highly successful by attaining and consistent win rate of over 85%.This has made this offer a highly profitable for those who have thus far subscribed to the service. The proof is always in the pudding and we welcome you to visit our platforms and review our historical data for both they’re free daily football predictions and the premium football predictions.

Below are a couple of screenshots of recent performances for the free daily soccer predictions and as you can see our hit rate is extremely high. Visit our platform to review historical performances for up to 30 days in the past.

3.Five tips for selecting sure win tips on

I am sure you are now asking yourself how do I leverage this platform to identify sure win tips and begin profiting from Sports betting.This article will provide you guidance on how you can utilise our platform to improve your win rate.

Tip number one:

Our custom algorithm computes historical data for hundreds of football matches and works to identify a handful of games that have clear indicators of what  the probable outcome would be. this means that we have already done the heavy lifting and you simply need to come up with a strategy of how to break down the games either into 2 or 3 game multi b or preferably you can place them house single beds which may offer less odds but will provide more consistency in wins.So did number one is figure out the number of games that you will place  in a single multibet.

Tip number two:

Less is more in Sports Betting and our recommendation is that you select a maximum of two games that will provide you cumulative odds of between 2.0 and 2.5 and combine these sets of games for multiple days to come up with larger order running bets.

Most of the odds for the games that we select are between 1.35 and 1.6 meaning two games per day is sufficient to come up with 2.0 odds daily.If you combine these games over three days you will have a multibet of a maximum or six games with as as high odds as 15 odds.The less the games there are in a running bet the higher the probability of winning.

Tip number three:

We recommend that you subscribe to our Premium  prediction service which provides our customers with our silent games for the day with the highest probability of a positive outcome. On average our premium prediction services consist of not more than 4 games and the reason for this is that our algorithm has considered hundreds of data points and selected these games as the most likely to have  easily predictable outcomes.

Why go through all the effort of researching and identifying possible sure  win predictions for today  when we have already done the heavy lifting and all you need to do is to pay a small premium to access world class football predictions, 

Tip number four:

Play more over the weekend.Tip number four is all about volume.Statistically there are more games played over the weekend and there are during the week which means that you have more options over the weekend and can Curate larger odds multibets.

Multibet have a lower success rate than single beds but offer more odds  and I was worthwhile when it comes to risk.It would be easy to take advantage of a 85% success rate and create hedged bets  that would increase your win rate to 100% every weekend.Let us sample this theory, you have a sample of 12 games on Friday,same number on Saturday and Sunday. factory in our success rate of 85% there is an assumption that On average two games will lose and 10 games will win  within these days.

If you are to bundle 4 games per day to create multibets each with three odds and then combine this bundle of games across the three days to create 3 to 4 multibets with an average of 15 odds each you would only need to win on one of these larger multibets to make profit.

The below illustration demonstrates this

BET 115100LOSS-100
BET 214.5100LOSS-100
BET 314.75100WIN1475

With our 85% success rate it would be improbable for all three multibets too loose if we maintain a two out of twelve game loss on each day.

Tip number five:

The final tip which is applicable in all betting strategies is stage management.This is a most critical practice if one wants to be profitable in football betting. The main element for most punters is chasing the loss where they do not accept the loss they have faced on a bet slip and begin to place bets out of their core strategy.

The first priority of a punter should always be to recover the initial stake and possibly double it in the midterm to ensure that they are never forced to invest out-of-pocket.We consider this the winning tip.State management enables you to survive a losing streak as  you limit yourself to the set daily threshold and reduce take allocation  based on how many bet slips you have lost on.


Despite the fact that we provide accurate soccer predictions for today, the most important thing that we hope you will learn from his article is that risk management is a core part of a successful betting strategy. Firstly always endeavor to ensure that you win back your initial stake, secondly do not chase unrealistic wins or returns. 1.3 odds is able to drastically increase your bankroll if you can successfully sustain a prolonged winning streak.

There are various markets that are offered across the betting industry and it is important that you identify which market works for you and build your strategy around  has specialised in the three way  betting market and it has worked out very well for  us. no need to do the heavy lifting as we have already done it for you so subscribe to our premium services to access sure win 3-way predictions. 

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